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I am a data scientist and a researcher. My passion is working with hidden pattern recognition, data mining and dataviz. My goal is to optimize world processes by using data.

I'm excited about new challenges as a data scientist or a data-driven business consultant.

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Panacea - ambulance statistical, analytics and reporting system
Design data flow architecture
Data-processing dashboard
Software for optimization processes in the worldwide company
Customer behavior analytics

Some current publications

Data Engineering in Ad Tech enterprise

Data Engineering in Ad Tech enterprise

11 min read

I’ve been working for a big Ad Tech enterprise (manages ~$2B in media spend and deploys campaigns in 70 markets, clients portfolio including: Google, Viber, etc). The company had a huge amount of data, and faced challenges with its volumes.It was a long journey with a variety of solutions developed during it. I described some of the most memorable and interesting in the solutions section.

Computational Social Science course

Computational Social Science course

February 14, 2023
2 min read

I have taught Computational Social Science at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (est. in 1615) since 2022. Course descriptionComputational social science refers to the academic sub-disciplines concerned with computational approaches to the social sciences. It investigates social and behavioural dynamics through social simulation, (social) network analysis, and social media analysis.

AI for hiring — recommendation system for recruiters

AI for hiring — recommendation system for recruiters

5 min read

This is a recommendation system for recruiters that estimates how new candidates suit available vacancies. It was developed for a real IT company based on their data after consulting experts. The system explores the possibility for a candidate to be: hired, rejected by the company or a candidate’s refusal.