My works in software & data engineering, data science and researches.

  • Data Engineering in Ad Tech enterprise

    Data Engineering in Ad Tech enterprise

    11 min read

    I’ve been working for a big Ad Tech enterprise (manages ~$2B in media spend and deploys campaigns in 70 markets, clients portfolio including: Google, Viber, etc). The company had a huge amount of data, and faced challenges with its volumes.It was a long journey with a variety of solutions developed during it. I described some of the most memorable and interesting in the solutions section.

  • AI for hiring — recommendation system for recruiters

    AI for hiring — recommendation system for recruiters

    5 min read

    This is a recommendation system for recruiters that estimates how new candidates suit available vacancies. It was developed for a real IT company based on their data after consulting experts. The system explores the possibility for a candidate to be: hired, rejected by the company or a candidate’s refusal.

  • Panacea. CRM for city Ambulance

    Panacea. CRM for city Ambulance

    4 min read

    This project, Panacea, is a system aimed at storing data about city ambulance calls, building flexible dashboards, statistics and people search.BackgroundOnce, in 2015 Lviv Governor visited Lviv main ambulance station and learnt that the statistics of all the ambulance calls was handled manually by staff, data about calls were only on paper. It would take quite a while to find anything in that "database". So he commissioned a solution that would automate this process. The administration of city ambulance sent me a request for this work.

  • Bot — automation for user registration

    Bot — automation for user registration

    4 min read

    In this project, I created a robot that solves a complex booking task with many sub-tasks in process of its operation. It was working in a very unstable environment and showed good scaling (thousands of threads) characteristics required by business logic.Background and requirementsThe customer of this project contacted me on my friend’s recommendation, as before that he had been told in a number of IT companies that this task either cannot be solved or too difficult.

  • Climate monitoring system

    Climate monitoring system

    3 min read

    This was a project for self-education purpose. I created a device to monitor climate. BackgroundFirstly, I want to thank Jonathan White for his evening lectures on Robotics at Lviv Polytechnic in far 2015. It was an honour to be a student of the lecturer from Harding University.Like many other geeks, I am a big fan of science fiction: Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, etc. Also, I really like the idea of automatic climate control in confined space.

  • Global parcel tracking system

    Global parcel tracking system

    2 min read

    Global parcel tracking system is software designed to monitor information and track location of parcels from the biggest (at this moment) US international delivery services.

  • Assembler animation on Mac (GLUT and OpenGL)

    Assembler animation on Mac (GLUT and OpenGL)

    1 min read

    The main idea was to reproduce the animations using the Assembler programming language and OpenGL framework on the Mac OS operating system.BackgroundThis project is the result of a bet that was made between me and my college teacher in Computer architecture.My task was to display the flapping of a flag in the console. Obviously, it wasn't a very complicated task, but it offered me useful experience using a low-level programming language.

  • USA UA — international delivery company CRM

    USA UA — international delivery company CRM

    5 min read

    In this project I developed CRM for international delivery company. It automates big part of possible processes that are related to this area. I created the first version of this application in 2011 and terminated my cooperation with the customer in 2017. Over these 6 years I had implemented hundreds of features and maintained the whole system.